Elmbridge Court roundabout to be resurfaced

Motorists will face road closures around the Elmbridge Court roundabout next month.

Highways England will be carrying out resurfacing works over four nights on the A40, but only some sections of the roads will be resurfaced.

The works will take place overnight between 8pm and 6am when traffic flows are at their lowest

The first phase of the works will take place overnight on 9 and 10 July, with the remainder of the scheme being completed overnight on 16 and 17 July.

During the works some road closures will be necessary and fully signed diversion routes will be in place. No road closures will be in place during the day.

A spokeswoman said Highways England did not feel a full resurfacing of the roundabout would represent the best use of public money, because of Gloucestershire County Council’s future plans to create a new junction layout at Elmbridge.

She said: “Once construction work is under way to accommodate the new junction layout, the surface could become damaged or removed altogether.

“In light of the concerns with the road surface, we have developed a scheme to make safe the most damaged sections of the road.

“The A40 is inspected on a regular basis and patch repairs carried out to any areas where the surface is becoming potentially hazardous, including these at Elmbridge Court roundabout.

“We make every effort to ensure the road surface is safe and serviceable but unfortunately, these repairs at the roundabout are often short lived as the turning action of the vehicles causes the patching material to come loose.”

Closures will be enforced on the road between 29 June and 7 July as 500 metres of the road is resurfaced.

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