Drivers baffled by double roundabout at Hare & Hounds crossroads

Many drivers heading into work through Churchdown this morning were surprised by a double roundabout where a set of four-way traffic lights used to be, and found themselves navigating something they probably had not had to since their driving test.

This new traffic calming measure is in place while road crews work on the new six-mile cycle lane. The B4063, which connects Gloucester and Cheltenham through the village of Churchdown, has a series of roadworks in place all the way along the route while they implement this road improvement, which will make the journey safer for cyclists heading between the county’s two major population centres.

This next step to finishing these major roadworks involves closing the B4063 overnight and changing a four-way junction to a double roundabout while the rest of the works are ongoing. There are some temporary traffic lights in place to guide motorists, but as of this morning, they are having to be hand-operated to aid drivers.

Despite notices from Gloucestershire County Council to residents, many were either surprised by the new junction, or lamented the number of roadworks now in the village.