Churchdown car wash forced to move

Customers have hit back after a popular car wash was forced to move.

The small plot near Gloucester North fire station in Cheltenham Road East is owned by James Timms Transport Ltd, but had been leased to a small team of hard-working immigrants from Albania and Romania who run the car wash.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the owners of the business had three months to pack away their equipment and move off the land after an enforcement notice issued by Tewkesbury Borough Council failed to be overturned on appeal.

But customers have hit out against the decision claiming the car wash is “extremely popular” and the men who work there are “very polite and nice guys”.

Longlevens resident Sonia Smith said: “This popular hand car wash is a thriving little business and the residents want it to remain.

“It annoys me that Tewkesbury Borough Council can sit at their desks and make these decisions that no one agrees with and ruin people’s lives.

“These guys are doing a good job, let them stay and earn an honest living.”

The car wash has been operating at the location for around 18 months.

It serves up to 20 cars a day and provides services ranging from a £5 wash to a full valet at £55. A team of four can be seen toiling away most days and in all weathers.

Paul Skelton, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s development manager, said: “While the council is supportive of local businesses where possible, in cases like this, we have to balance the needs of business against the strong protections given to green belt land.

“In this case there was found to be no over-riding need for the business to be located in the green belt.”