Churchdown Car wash forced to close despite landowner support

A popular car wash near Churchdown has been given three months to move after an appeal to overturn an enforcement notice was dismissed.

The small plot near Gloucester North fire station in Cheltenham Road East is owned by James Timms Transport Ltd, but leased to a small team of hard-working immigrants from Albania and Romania who run the car wash.

Now landowner James Timms has said he may be forced to sell the land to the highest bidder, which could include travellers.

The business serves up to 20 cars a day and provides services ranging from a £5 wash to a full valet at £55. A team of four can be seen toiling away most days and in all weathers.

But that will now come to an end after an enforcement notice issued by Tewkesbury Borough Council failed to be overturned on appeal.

The workers now have three months to pack away their equipment and move off the land.

Mr Timms said it was “absolutely ludicrous” that the car wash has been forced to close.

“I have spoken to more than 100 residents about it and they want to see it kept as a car wash,” he said.

“Personally I have found no one that has objected to it and now I am in a position where I will have to sell the land to the highest bidder.”

The car wash has been operating at the location for around 18 months but in November the council issued an enforcement notice against the making of a material change of use of the land to a car washing facility.

Although there was once a motor service station, the council said as it has not operated for a number of years, a different business needs planning permission. An appeal to overturn the notice was dismissed by a planning inspectorate.