Asher Maslin launches appeal against 24 year sentence

Asher Maslin has launched an appeal against his minimum 24 year sentence for her murder.

Maslin is claiming the terms of the life sentence imposed at Gloucester Crown Court by Mr Justice Teare last month are too severe.

The 22-year-old’s solicitors, Gloucester-based Steven Young and Co, have confirmed that they have submitted his application to the Court of Appeal in London.

Spokesman Andy Tremlett said: “We have just lodged the application and the first stage will be for a single judge to consider the merits of the appeal, probably in three to four months time.

 “If there are found to be merits to his case, the appeal will then be heard by three judges.”

Maslin’s barrister Peter Blair QC, who represented him at crown court last month, is arguing that the 24 year minimum which Maslin must serve before being considered for parole is excessive.

A Gloucester Crown Court spokesman confirmed that the notice of appeal had been received and the case file had been sent up to London for the hearing.

Holle’s father Nick, from Churchdown, said he did not know about the appeal.

“We didn’t know about it but we will speak to our barrister to see what he thinks about it,” said Nick.

“But frankly if he appeals he appeals – there is not a lot we can do about it.”

He said that although the appeal prolongs the family’s ordeal since she was stabbed to death by Maslin in February they would not be dwelling on it.

Hollie, who was Maslin’s ex-girlfriend, was at work at Fringe Benefits salon in Southgate Street, Gloucester, on Febuary 18 this year when Maslin walked in and stabbed her 14 times.

When he was sentenced last month the court heard had he been on a three day binge of cocaine and alcohol before he bought a £3 carving knife and walked into the salon in Gloucester to attack Hollie.

In a two minute frenzy, he stabbed the petite hairdresser repeatedly, causing traumatic injuries from which she died soon afterwards.

Hollie had ended her relationship with Maslin a few days before because he had been violent towards her. He had then threatened to harm her and her family.

Mr Justice Teare said he had seen a psychiatric report on Maslin which showed he suffered from a dependency on illicit drugs causing emotional instability, but he did not believe that drug use affected what he did.

Earlier this week it was revealed that in the wake of Hollie’s death and the sentencing of Maslin the number of victims of domestic abuse seeking help has risen.

Gloucestershire Abuse Support Service said there had been an increase in the number of referrals and they believed this was due to greater awareness of the support it offers.