Your Village, Your Voice

We receive weekly reports from residents regarding the driving behaviour in Churchdown. We’ve heard of countless near misses, minor incidents and ongoing frustration.

So as “The Voice of The Village” it’s time to take action. We’re calling upon Churchdown Parish Council & Gloucestershire County Council to assess and take appropriate action by introducing traffic calming throughout the village in consultation with the community. 

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Speed bumps, Speed cameras, Extra signs, Chicanes, anything to slow down drivers.

In a document published in June 2017, Churchdown Parish Council identified areas where speeding is a concern and where Gloucestershire County Council should take appropriate action (eg signage/engineering). These are: Springwell Gardens, Parton Road, Pirton Lane, Sandycroft Road, Marleyfield Way, Drews Court & Innsworth Lane.

It is not a question of if there will be a tragic accident,  but when.

Don’t let it be your child or someone you know.