YOC Update & Actions

The results from the Your Opinion Counts 2014 survey are in.  There are a numbers of actions we are putting in place as a result of your feedback.


  • Response rate of 83%
  • Engagement score 80%

What’s the best part of Churchdown Online?

  • A hub for all things village day to day, a roundup of news, events etc. Social media good, integrating people in the village with CO with Facebook etc.
  • Local Information like a few weeks ago when there was disruption to our Water Supply there was information on Churchdown Online.
  • We can find out all the information regarding all the new house plans also I recently found out about the coach trips you were doing over the 6 weeks holidays. After finding this out I booked me and my son to go to Bristol Zoo
  • Design
  • It’s relevant to the community in which I live
  • Clearly laid out and appears to have all the important local events in one place.
  • Writing in my comment/question and getting a reply in acknowledgement and sometimes with the information I wanted
  • Good website very informative

Is there anything you would like added or changed to Churchdown Online?

  1. What’s on section indicates events, but does not state where the events are taking place.
    We have developed a fix for this and will shortly be implementing it once it’s been tested. – Update (This has now been added)
  2. Local sporting facilities, opening times and availability.
    This information can be found on ‘The Directory’, we will be conducting a review in September and will make sure additions regarding sporting facilities are added.
  3. How about a buyers and sellers noticeboard?
    We are currently looking into this and integrating the Churchdown Sale & Recycle Facebook pages, more developments Q4 2014.
  4. Shop opening times directory- restaurants!!
    This information can be found on The Directory.
  5. Content / Information outdated
    A Full content review has been scheduled to take place in mid September, we’ll check all the information on Churchdown Online and ensure it’s up to date.
  6. More publicity for the sports teams. Especially Chosen Hill RFC
    We will look into adding more sporting news and information to the Churchdown Online News pages.
  7. More people to use it as vehicle to share info affecting Churchdown residents.
    We are currently looking into an advertising campaign, this is expected early 2015.
  8. Seems to concentrate on main village. Info for ‘Hub’ is very sparse, with no entry in local info, and lack of various groups in local group section.
    Local Groups will be added during the Directory review in September
  9. Needs to be advertised a bit better
    We are currently looking into an advertising campaign, this is expected early 2015.
  10. MyChurchdown / Churchdown Online the same things why two different names?
    Please refer to the ‘MyChurchdown’ partnership pages of Churchdown Online for the latest on this…
  11.  Charity of the year or more charity work?
    This is something we have never looked into but is deffinately something we will consider, plans are now in place to nominate a Charity of the Year. This will be through Social Media & Email Campaigns.
  12. Competitions?
    As a non-profit. it’s hard to get local/national chains to giveaway items in competitions. Competitions are something we continually review and we can confirm a Christmas Giveaway will be taking place across the website & social media platforms, more details will follow nearer the time.