Website Refresh Project Update

Churchdown Online introduced its new website in January 2015 and has been transferring pages from the old site to the new one, since then.

There were a number of reasons for undertaking the website refresh, including feedback received from our viewers and the continually changing technological environment. Direct feedback has been considered and where possible, incorporated into our new designs and content. Examples of changes in response to feedback include:-

  • Easier navigation; the search facility has been improved in January and again in November.
  • An improved directory listing function – this was completely refreshed in January with the website primarily focussing on ‘The Driectory’.
  • Integration of all websites (,, -this has now been completed with all services integrated together. Churchdown Online & Churchdown Online Support are the two brands still in use.


Key changes in the current web site compared to the pre 2015 web site

  • Updated web site look and feel: the web site has a refreshed more ‘open’ look and feel as well as improved navigation and new content.
  • New homepage: the home page was redesigned, based on feedback, to include more local listing information and a ‘widget’ style approach to allow selection of the information you want to see. Over time more options like that will be introduced.
  • User Management: To add directory listings or events to Churchdown Online, you must be registered. We have recently introduced a simplified login/register area along with the options to sign in with Facebook & Twitter.
  • Improved navigation: All content can easily be accessed using the new menu bar navigation and the search facility has been upgraded to help you find what you want.
  • Mobile/Tablet content: we have discontinued all previous mobile applications which Churchdown Online used to develop. This includes or mobile/specialised websites. We have replaced 4 applications with 1 fully responsive website which will work on any mobile/tablet device.
  • Improved Support/Customer Care: we have now fully implemented the Churchdown Online Support system, this acts as a customer care ticketing system. Each time you contact us you will be provided with a unique ticket reference which will be used by our teams to provide a more efficient support service.
  • Updated Logo: following feedback, we have updated our logo, this was to focus more on information & digital content which our viewers wanted. Our logo was updated in October 2015 as part of the final stages of the 12 month website refresh.


Changes To Churchdown Online Support

Prior to 19th November 2015, the Support system was available at It has since been moved to a new location: Therefore, emails sent to will automatically be forwarded to until 03/01/16. After this date any email sent to will fail/not be delivered. Please update your records, the email to get in touch with Churchdown Online will be –

What’s to come.

We are nearing the completion of our website refresh, the final stages will be to focus on our event management portal and introduce a new event system to ensure our viewers can add events to Churchdown Online quickly & easily.

We need your involvement to make this work. Our changes are driven by your feedback, and our solutions must be tested by you before they are released. If you would like to get involved in testing or one of our research sessions, please get in touch.