Churchdown Fireworks 2014

Quieter fireworks were released over Churchdown thanks to a charity which campaigns to take the fear out of bonfire night for pets.

Days of persistent loud bangs left dog Leo so petrified, that his owners were forced to take drastic action and have him put down to end his misery.

Since then, Leo’s Legacy has launched to encourage more people to attend organised displays – instead of releasing dozens of rockets from their own back gardens – to prevent a repeat of the panic attack suffered by the greyhound.

And Charity founder Garry Atkinson said he was delighted Churchdown Parish Council agreed to use a quieter range of fireworks for its annual display last Friday.

He said: “Last year there was a dog which had to be put down due to the fright he suffered during the extended firework season and that is why we started the group.

“We are not the noise police, but we just want to get people to attend public displays rather than letting them off in their back gardens at random times.

“It can be terrifying for our pets. I have a greyhound and he climbs the walls and exhibits the same symptoms as Leo did.”

Churchdown Parish Council clerk Susan Cowley said the authority was “proud” to support Leo’s Legacy this year.