The Garden Cafe @ GL3 Hub

The GL3 Community Hub in Churchdown want to build an open space annexe to expand the Garden Cafe which is run as a social enterprise.  The aim of the annexe will be to serve more customers and hold exciting events and activities for the local community.

Having this space will help to make the Cafe which is located at GL3 Community Hub in Churchdown, Gloucestershire more attractive and financially sustainable. GL3 Community Hub is a registered charity which was established when the County Council removed all the funding for our youth and community centre.

With the support of Churchdown Parish Council the centre was kept open so that the valuable youth and community activities could continue.  The Garden Cafe was opened and has been a great success: it provides income to sustain the work of the Hub and a wealth of opportunities for volunteers to learn new skills, boost their confidence and move on either to further training/employment, or to achieve other life goals.  Some part time jobs have been created in the Cafe and Hub, but there is lots more potential.

The Cafe started operating in September 2012, and business has increased from £10,000-£12,000 at the six month point to current takings of £500 per week, having started from small beginnings and operating out of part of the Hub  building this is success in the making. To have a purpose built space which is flexible enough to accommodate more events and functions will make a huge difference and we confidently look forward to doubling our turnover.