Tesco build progressing well

Work on the new Tesco store in Churchdown is well under way, leaving those  who opposed it resigned to its arrival.

Development work is going strong on the old Hurrans Garden Centre site in  Cheltenham Road East, with doors at the new supermarket expected to open before  Christmas.

Councillors granted planning permission despite more than 200 protesters voicing  their concerns over the impact Tesco would have on the local economy when the  plans were first revealed three years ago.

County councillor Bill Whelan (Lib, Churchdown) said:
I think everyone in  the area is just waiting for it to be finished now. The roadworks they have already done were for the utilities, but I believe  more are on the way too. Some of the local shops may suffer but independents can survive as they  offer a unique experience. One positive is that they are looking to recruit  locally.

The store, on the former Hurrans Garden Centre site, has been described by  Tesco as ‘entry level’, rather than a Metro or Express. The application was passed by Tewkesbury Borough Council despite more than  250 objection letters.