Residents take matters into their own hands to combat dangerous ‘racetrack’

Villagers are biting back at speeding motorists who bomb down local roads.

For months residents in Drews Court have protested against people speeding.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed as the road is being treated like a racetrack even though local children cross the road on their way to school.”


MyChurchdown began a petition earlier in the year calling for an urgent review of the village roads. This was signed by over 250+ residents and handed to both the Parish & County Council. 2 Months on and we’ve not had a formal response from either.

Gloucestershire Road Safety Hub told us:

Any changes to the road network are for the Local Highways Manager to decide. In August  the local police carried out speed checks around Churchdown and there is no problem with speeding.

However in a document published by Churchdown Parish Council, multiple areas were identified where speeding is a concern and where Gloucestershire County Council should take appropriate action (eg signage/engineering). This included: Springwell Gardens, Parton Road, Pirton Lane, Sandycroft Road, Marleyfield Way, Drews Court & Innsworth Lane.

One villager recently erected a speed camera, the wooden construction painted yellow was placed on Drews Court. Its creator said not enough vehicles observe the 30mph limit on the road. They continue to come off of Barrow Hill at over 50+ mph!

The man who built the camera, who did not wish to give his full name, placed the box on top of a metal post outside his house after he became fed up of speeding motorists.

He said the general consensus from villagers was positive, and he believed the deterrent had been effective.

“The camera will stay as long as it takes to slow people down and get them used to the fact we don’t want them speeding through our village, It’s certainly done the trick and slowed them down.

The residents here tried on numerous occasions to approach Gloucestershire County Council, The local Highways manager and even Churchdown Parish Council but they weren’t interested, they won’t until there is a ‘statistic’ – or in simple terms a fatality so we’re now taking matters into our own hands.”