Remembering Holly Grogan | 5 Years On

Holly, died following a fall from the Pirton Lane bridge in September 2009.

Following the incident, Churchdown Online was flooded with tributes to Holly, who was a pupil at St Edwards School.

Hundreds of well wishers left messages of sympathy and young people shared their memories of the popular teenager.

Holly Grogan was tormented by three classmates and messages on the social networking site Facebook poking fun at her.

Holly’s father Steve Grogan: ”Holly was a very spirited girl with a bubbly character and she loved to be loved and liked people to like her. Holly was very social and her whole life revolved around friendships. You can’t underestimate how important they were to her. Holly did have a number of good friends at the school but she had issues with three other girls”

This tragic incident reflects bullying caused on social networking sites including Facebook & Twitter and highlights National Anti-Bullying Week which is 17th – 21st November 2014.

Since Holly’s death, Parents have been encouraged to occasionally check their child’s social media accounts.