Parish Council Strongly Supports New Surgery

Parish Council Strongly Supports New Surgery

The long-running bid to build a new doctors’ surgery in Churchdown is a step closer to finally becoming reality.

Doctors running the existing facility in the village’s St John’s Avenue have been searching for a site to relocate to for more than 20 years. They have outgrown their premises, which was originally built more than half a century ago to cater for 7,500 patients but now deals with 13,600.

With an extra 2,600 homes expected to be built in Churchdown, the pressure on those running the cramped site is growing.


Now the doctors’ application to build a new two-storey surgery on land in Parton Road next to the village’s community centre has been backed by the parish council.

Its members agreed at a meeting last night to recommend that Tewkesbury Borough Council grant planning permission.

Clerk Ruth Warne said today: “The council decided it strongly supports the application. Churchdown needs a larger surgery. The one in St John’s Avenue is too small.

“It can no longer really adequately provide for the needs of the patients. For many years, that’s been recognised.”

But she added that the council had raised a number of matters that it wanted to see addressed as part of the planning process.

They included the need to provide adequate access to the surgery, with some residents not being happy with the plan to have it going through the existing tree lined boundary with Parton Road.

Ruth said members felt a pedestrian crossing on the main Parton Road might be needed, double yellow lines on the old Parton Road might be required and consideration should be given to moving a bus stop on the main road.

Peter Bryant said he and some other residents living in the area agreed that the surgery should go on the site but felt the entrance was in the wrong place and could worsen existing parking problems linked to the community centre.

He added that he had also written to the borough council pointing out that it had not put a green advertisement notice at the site, informing people that the main application had been submitted.

The authority intends to consider the proposal by November 11 this year.

  • Rod Matthews

    Rod Matthews


    The surgery is one thing, but the planned access will be an absolute nightmare for everyone who uses Parton Road.

    • Jenny Gibson

      Jenny Gibson


      I think your Health Centre is far more important, the old one is not sustainable. It has to go somewhere, and they have just about coped with the extra traffic and parking in an already built up area. Im sure Parton Road will cope!

    • Rod Matthews

      Rod Matthews


      As I said, the health centre is one thing but Parton Road and its associated pavements are far too narrow at that point and will not cope by any stretch of the imagination. It is just an estate feeder road. The access should be on the other side of the centre and on to the main road.

    • John Haines

      John Haines


      Jenny Gibson I agree, at last.

  • Michele Shepherd

    Michele Shepherd


    Pat Shepherd

  • Jill and Mike smith

    Jill and Mike smith


    Much as we support a new surgery, putting the entrance in ‘Old Parton Rd’ which is effectively a cul-de-sac, is in our view sheer stupidity. Anyone who has tried to negotiate the parking problems when there are functions on at the Community Centre will agree. There will be yet more collisions at the mini roundabout. Putting double yellow lines will only push the problem into adjoining roads. Absolute madness!

  • Phil Newman

    Phil Newman


    I dont believe there are many residents who object to the Doctors surgery being built, but placing the entrance on Old Parton Road is ridiculous. The entrance should be on to the main part of Parton Road. Old Parton Road already suffers from bad parking and access when there is something on at the Community Centre. The planning documentation states that there has only been ONE accident in Station Road over y many years. This just shows how little knowledge the developers have of the area. Accidents are a regular occurrence at the mini roundabout at that junction. I agree with the previous comment that putting double yellow line in would just move the problem. If the entrance has to be in Old Parton Road then access should be through the community centre car park. This planning is being pushed through by a group who ignore the residents concerns. I have to ask why? Who is benefiting by this being approved?

  • Caroline Flynn

    Caroline Flynn


    Parton road is a nightmare at specific times of the day anyway especially kids riding their skateboards (another story) I’ve lived here some six years I came up for port Talbot which is a big steel working town with many surgeries out and about, they decided to i build one big surgery and 21st one may I say with x rY department acute surgery, dentist etc etc, many who was opposed by this was for scenery reasons and travelling further to see their Doctor which is understandable when you’ve difficulties in walking and travelling but I do t know of anyone there now that remembers their woes, they love the place they don’t have to go to hospital trek and wait their turn for an appointment they se the a Doctor in. State of the heart surgery walk across the corridor and get the car they need in one day, for people who Re opposed to this…this is the 21 century people are living in this con they that assumes our resources we have to accommodateB your best health needs, it’s no good saving your space too look at anymore although I agree it would be nicer, we have to accommodate to villages needs and boy do they need better health system! I walk and trudge upstairs to see my Doctor yes I can do it but if had. Fall or was taken I’ll how the Eck does the ambulance people cope with that, time to bring your health into prospective!! Don’t thing about yourself is what I’m trying to say but think of others as I’ve been both ends and it’s not nice when you’re struggling, health centres becomes more important than scenery to me!!!! Thank you for reading from a Lady who cannot do stairs but try as I love my Doctor and wNt him to help me, a new surgery will give hi the best opportunity and five us. Better healthy living x

    • Caroline Flynn

      Caroline Flynn


      Sorry for the spelling ivd had my nails done today and I cannot type or do anything with them lol Apologies x




    The surgery is very good but the stairs does give me problems . My dr is very helpfull she will see you down stairs but a Dr needs to have her surgery where she dosent have to leave. This new one hopefully will give us this Patricia harries 21/9/2016 16.51

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