Our Chosen Hill

My name is Adam and I am the rather tall guy who some of you will recognise as always walking up and down Pirton Lane and up Chosen Hill from the Churchdown side. I have lost count how many times strangers have said hello in the Pub and then asked how often I am walking up that road.

Actually, it’s a lot. And I don’t only talk to people in the Pub. In fact, it’s when I am walking that I talk to local people and visitors to the Hill the most.

What I’ve learned is that one of the things we share, whatever our backgrounds, whether we live in Churchdown or Hucclecote, whether we grew up in the Village, whether we went to one of the Schools or whether we are just visiting, is we all love Chosen Hill.

It’s a brilliant place. The scenery is magnificent. St Bartholomew’s Church is very special, and the wildlife is quite extraordinary given how close the Hill is to everyday life.

We all enjoy the Hill, whether we visit or climb it daily, weekly, monthly or once a year. But there are some that don’t think about it in the same way.

Sadly, the Hill has a lot of visitors who do not treat and respect it as the Community Asset that it truly is. For one reason or another, the Local Authorities are also not as responsive to the things that need to be done on their part to keep it a clean, tidy and safe place for us all to access as we believe it only reasonable that they should.

Together we want this to change.

After a conversation with other walkers and visitors who want to work together to draw attention to the problems, get things done and basically share all the good things about Chosen Hill that we all enjoy, I volunteered to set up a platform so that we can reach out, bring local people and visitors together and work with you all to pass on the word, share experiences, start a conversation and see what together we can get done.

The initial aims of Our Chosen Hill are:
  • To connect with as many of you who love, value and appreciate Chosen or Churchdown Hill and develop a wider community where working together, we can ensure that Our Chosen Hill is kept and maintained as a clean, tidy and safe place for us all to enjoy.
  • To secure the installation of more litter bins around all the points of access around the Hill and where the Council Cleansing Team can easily access them.
  • To actively discourage littering.
  • To secure the installation of more dog bins around the Hill.
  • To actively discourage dog fouling on all paths used by the public and in the fields where livestock openly graze.
  • To have all bins emptied at least 3 or 4 times per week in the Summer months and at least 2 times per week in the Winter months.
  • To prevent fly tipping.
  • To have the access road regularly and properly maintained.
  • To promote responsible, open access of the Hill and its adjoining farmland that always respects the wishes of landowners and the health and safety of their livestock.

Our Chosen Hill is now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – all @OurChosenHill and we have a Blog set up on WordPress at www.ourchosenhill.wordpress.com too.

Just following any or all of our Social Media Accounts or reading our Blog will be a great help to what we are doing, especially if you can share pictures, links etc.

Whatever you do, you will be helping and supporting our shared cause!

Please comment, share pictures, news and anything else you might want to about Chosen Hill or Churchdown Hill – whichever you know it to be called.

If you want to do more or support us in some way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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