Murderer Asher Maslin sentencing date confirmed

Asher Maslin,  will be sentenced in the city’s court next month, it has been confirmed.

Asher Maslin pleaded guilty to stabbing pretty Hollie to death as she worked at a salon in February this year.

Her 22-year-old former boyfriend will be sentenced by The Honourable Mr Justice Nigel Teare on Wednesday, July 16 at the Longsmith Street court.

It will be the first murder dealt with by the courthouse since 1972.

Maslin of Benhall Gardens in Cheltenham pleaded guilty to her murder earlier this month at Bristol Crown Court.

Then he was warned he faced a life sentence behind bars.

It will be for Justice Teare to decide what will be the minimum term he will have to spend in prison before being considered for parole.

Maslin attacked Hollie, 20, from Churchdown in front of her colleagues and customers at Fringe Benefits and La Bella Beauty salon on Southgate Street on February 18.