Memorial Bench

This beautiful memorial seat was erected by Churchdown Parish Council this year, in honour of all veterans of the great war – and subsequent conflicts.

Pictured on the left is Mr Ken Plowman who served 18 years from 1942 to 1960. Ken was just 16 when the Second World War broke out. Ken trained and was based in Canada for a year. He trained as a Fighter Pilot and Army Glider Pilot; he now lives in Churchdown.

In the centre is Lt. Col Bernard Barton – Ancliffe. Bernard served from 1969 to 2006 in the Royal Signals and served in operations all over the world including Northern Ireland, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. Bernard was posted to Churchdown [ Imjin barracks] and liked it so much he decided to stay here! Bernard is now in his second year of serving as the Chairman to the Churchdown Parish Council.

On the right is Roger Western – Roger was just 11 years and 11 days old when the Second World War broke out. Roger left school on a Saturday and joined the Fleet Air Corps on the following Monday! Roger served from November 1944 till January 1947 but was never old enough, in service to draw his tot of rum…..!

Churchdown Parish Council would like to thank Ken, Bernard and Roger for taking the time to allow us to take a picture with those servicemen who remind of us all, of the great service, dedication and ultimate sacrifice paid by all Members of our Armed Services