John Daniels Playing Field Protected

Months of work to keep the builders out of John Daniels Playing Field has  paid off for Churchdown parish councillors, who have finally been awarded a 100  year protection certificate. An application had been made to protect the much-loved playing fields under  the Queen Elizabeth II playing Fields Challenge. But as the parish council did not have a full 99 year lease on the land from  Gloucester City Council, its application was in doubt.

Parish council leader Pearl Stokes was delighted to get confirmation that the  park had finally been awarded the special status, and is excited at the prospect  of events there for generations to come.

 We had hoped to hear the park had won the status months ago, but it has  taken longer than expected due to the issues surrounding the lease, That land is a special place for the community and was under threat from  builders in 2000. A land swap deal was being considered then by the council but, thankfully,  it didn’t come off. It was a big relief. We will be receiving a plaque that will go up on the pavilion. The parish council has done a lot for the community and the John Daniels  playing fields is a green space with lots of potential. It has been an important process, and satisfying to know the playing fields  will still be there long after this parish council has gone.

The latest round of tree and bulb planting took place on Monday. More than 20 volunteers from St Andrews Church turned out to help.

To celebrate the award, the council is planning a series of events. A picnic  in the park is planned this summer, along with a SkateJam music and skateboard  festival at the refurbished skate park.