Hope, passion and a life fulfilled

Hope, passion and a life fulfilled – that’s the new strapline for the Hollie Gazzard Trust.

Wordsmiths from across the county submitted entries to a competition to come up with a slogan for the charity.

The trust was created earlier this year after 20-year-old hairdresser Hollie, from Churchdown, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while she worked in Gloucester.

It aims to educate schoolchildren across Gloucestershire about domestic violence, as well as combat knife crime in the city and pays for young hairdressers to train.

Jennifer Mar-Gerrison from Hardwicke came up with the winning strapline after seeing the competition online.

The 25-year-old kindly donated her prize, a mobile phone, back to the charity to be auctioned off and raise cash.

She said: “I didn’t know Hollie, but like many people was saddened by what happened as I’ve got younger sisters.

“I just like putting words together and so thought I would have a go, but never expected to win.

“I am looking forward to seeing it and told some of my friends.

“I have been so impressed by Hollie’s family and the trust they have set up to turn a sad situation around – it really is inspirational.”

Hollie’s dad, Nick, who is chairman of the trust, wanted the community’s help in coming up with a strapline, which will play a vital role in the charity’s branding and be seen on posters, clothing and banners.

The competition was launched by the trust in connection with the Gloucester Citizen and Smart Communications.

More than 75 entries were made for the competition and Nick, 50, a former Cheltenham Town footballer, said it was a difficult decision.

He said: “We thought long and hard and wanted something that represented the three areas that the trust covers.

“We help train hairdressers, tackle domestic violence and fight knife crime so they are all very different areas and it was difficult to incorporate them all in one strapline.

“We hope the trust brings hope, Hollie gives us our passion and we hope that with some of the six hairdressers we are training this year and the others in the future, are fulfilling their lives and potential.

“The strapline covers all the three areas and we are delighted to have it on all our banners and branding.

“We are grateful to everyone who came up with the ideas – there were some really fantastic ones.”

Tony Bowden from Smart Communications, who is helping with the branding and printing for the trust, said: “I think it is a good strapline and the life fulfilled is quite poignant in terms of what has happened and the trust’s aims.

“There were some great entries and it was nice the community got involved and came up with it.”