Gloucestershire County Council Double Yellow Lines Error

Traffic wardens are continuing to dish out parking tickets in Churchdown, despite the county council admitting double yellow lines were painted by mistake.

Restrictions switched from a single yellow line to a double, just days after Chapel Hay Lane was resurfaced, banning waiting at any time.

When businesses and residents complained, the council backtracked and admitted the lines should not have been changed.

Despite the gaffe, traffic wardens have continued to issue £70 fines to motorists.

Mum Michelle Meechan was caught out and hit with a penalty notice when she stopped to collect her three children.

“I park in that area every day and the lines are still down,” she said.

“Despite what the council has said about taking them away as soon as possible. I stopped for just 10 minutes and when I came out I had a ticket. I was gobsmacked. It is ridiculous and a crazy place to have parking restrictions. There were two other cars with tickets on that day also. The warden must have appeared as soon as I entered the shop.”

Visitors to nearby flats have been worst hit by the new double yellow lines in Chapel Hay Lane. But businesses have also suffered.

Mike Hutton, manager of Chosen Curtains, said: “The council has already agreed the lines were placed there incorrectly and is going to remove them, but when?

“Don’t the managers tell the staff what’s going on? It’s absolutely ridiculous. What a waste of time and money for all concerned. It’s more than two weeks since they admitted they were in the wrong, but I haven’t even had the courtesy of a response to my original complaint. If the council can’t get a simple thing like this right, what hope do they have with larger projects? What an absolute joke.”

And it is not the only error, with a single yellow line replacing a broken line that allowed waiting for half an hour outside Sweetbriar House.

Daniel Tiffney, highways manager at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “We’re aware of the situation on Chapel Hay Lane and I’d like to reassure residents and businesses that the correct road markings will be put back as soon as possible.

“In the meantime we’re sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone is issued with a parking ticket, get in touch using the details on the back.”