Georgina Matthews, 19, crowned street dance world champion

Bartender Georgina Matthews is hoping to become Gloucester’s first street dancing police officer after being named world champion.

Georgina, 19, has danced her way to the top of the street dancing pyramid after winning the world championships in Glasgow last month.

It was her second year competing at the worlds – after dancing her way through another gruelling selection process.

Last year Georgina, who just completed her A Levels at Churchdown Academy, came third in the solo competition but this year she managed to grab the top spot beating competitors from as far as Holland and Japan.

“I never really expected that it was going to happen because everyone who makes it to the Worlds is so good,” said Georgina, who is in the middle of completing her application to become a special constable for Gloucestershire police.

The thing about street dancing is it’s not really about the money or the trophies, it’s about the reputation. Being able to say that I am the street dancing world champion is amazing and something I am extremely proud of.

Georgina has been dancing since the age of seven.

Her mum Vicky Matthews said she started out with tap and ballet but Georgina never really seemed to enjoy it.

She started street dancing when she was about nine and just absolutely loved it. She has been doing it ever since.

Georgina is a member of the CoadyCrew Dance Studio in Cheltenham.

And while she has been extremely successful as a soloist Georgina also competes with a team from the studio known as Rhythm Nation.

It’s such a good group of people and we always manage to have a good time even with the stress of competitions. I would just like to say about the amazing people within ‪#‎coadycrew‬ including;

Adalyn Elizabeth Grant 1st for Pair and Solo (2014) & 5th for Solo (2015)
Keaton Pearce 5th place for Solo (2014) & 5th for Pair (2015)
Saoirse McHale 1st for Pair (2014)
Tiana Williams 5th for Pair (2015)
Claire Blindell- Choreographer
Nikki Coady- Principle

And not forgetting to mentioned a lot about my team members from Rhythm Nation (Matt Smith Matt Lavis Paige Anderson Yana Jones Sophie ClarkAdele Stanton-Kerr) and how far we have come as a team and a school!

Georgina is already preparing to defend her title next year, but despite being very talented she has no intention of persuing dance as a career.

“I love dancing and I love teaching dance as well but it’s a hobby for me,” she said.