Frustration over volume & speed of construction Vehicles.

There has been a significant increase in the volume and speed of vehicles throughout Churchdown over recent weeks. Residents have taken to the Churchdown & Innsworth Community Watch Facebook Group to share frustration and anger over the ongoing situation.

It’s believed the Construction Vehicles are moving soil from the Perrybrook Development in Brockworth to Innsworth.

Does anyone know why all the heavy goods lorries are thundering up Parton road. Our house shakes every time. They’re going up empty and coming back with soil. I reckon about 6/10 of them going backwards and forwards. They’re certainly not going slow. It says highway maintenance on the back of some. ?

Been out and about this morning seen over 12 lorries going back and forth Parton Road, one jumped lights at Hare and Hounds lights , one nearly took side of my car off, add that to temp lights at St John Av, 3 way lights at Parton Road and Orchard Av (currently not working) and Pirton Road garage make it all fun and games, my son wants to go and meet his friends on his bike , not keen for him to go !!

Elliott’s lorry (no reg taken) about an hour ago going too fast down Station Road to stop and give way to us turning onto the roundabout from Albemarle Road. Then went about 40 mph all the way through the 30 mph sections to the Innsworth Lane new builds site entrance.

Thankfully today they are replacing telegraph poles along Parton road which we hoped would slow them down but instead they are driving up the pavements to pass the other construction workers – so it will be the pavements that will need replacing next !! ?

Been out and about this morning & seen well over 12 huge lorries going back and forth Parton Road, 2 jumped solid red lights at Hare and Hounds junction going over to Innsworth Lane ! 1 nearly took the side of my car off, I had to mount the kerb to avoid this happening & had pedestrians been on the path this couldn’t have been done resulting in the side of my car going !! Add this to temporary lights along St John Avenue opposite the old doctors surgery, 3 way lights at Parton Road and Orchard Avenue which are currently not working and the Pirton Road garage make Churchdown hell. There will be a serious accident or worse if something isn’t done to stop these lorries using Parton Road as a rat run, the speed & ignorance of the drivers is shocking !

Elliot’s lorry passed me on Parton Road earlier coming far to fast up the middle of the road I had to mount the pavement to avoid it.

Go down full of soil, turn round and come back all day, from seven o’clock in the morning.
No speed restrictions for them!?

County Councillor Ben Evans posted an update on 23rd July advising:

Hi everyone – thanks to everyone who has raised with me the issue about construction traffic coming through Churchdown in the past few days. I am working on finding out why this has suddenly got so much worse and rectifying it. Can people help me and if they see trucks travelling fast, or early in the morning through the village that they PM me the company name and even better the registration plate. Due to amount of building and other work around Churchdown it would be easy for me to receive the reply “It is due to increased building work” and so getting a better handle on who these trucks are would be useful. Thanks

James – Elliotts | I have spent a while investigating these complaints this afternoon. I can confirm that one of our vehicles has been on this job for the last 2 days (an Iveco tipper). Having reviewed his tracker information I am pleased but not surprised that he has not been breaking the speed limit whilst travelling on any part of the route. We have previously impressed upon all our drivers the importance of courteous and considerate driving. Our driver on the job has informed me however that a vehicle which we sold some weeks ago is being driven rather questionably by its new owner who has failed to remove the sign writing from the body of the vehicle only the cab. We have asked for him to ensure this is removed by Monday at the latest so we can avoid these accusations being made against our company. As for the other trucks on the job I can’t help there I’m afraid as only the one is ours as stated. I hope you can get a satisfactory result soon and Churchdown residents cease to be troubled by such matters. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in future with any further issues regarding our vehicles.