Elmbridge P&R Scheme Postponed!

Elmbridge P&R Scheme Postponed!

Churchdown Online has learned that the Park & Ride scheme due to be built alongside the major changes to Elmbridge Court will not go ahead.

The 1,000 space Park & Ride serving Gloucester & Cheltenham would have seen a new access road leading off of the A40 to the P&R and the Elmbridge Business Park. However Churchdown Online believes this will be planned in a second phase due for completion in 2020.

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  • Pete & Sue Jowett

    Pete & Sue Jowett


    I have just looked at the proposed plans for Elmbridge roundabout..At first glance the dedicated lane to the Barnwood link and the two through lanes to the Northern Bypass must help west bound traffic through Elmbridge. What I can’t see is how this will in anyway help those that regularly queue from Pirton Corner to Elmbridge. They will still have to giveway to traffic from the Barnwood link, Longlevens and the Northern Bypass. Yes entry into the roundabout may be light controlled and a smart system should allow you to flow through without stopping if it is set up correctly, but the volume of traffic affecting your entry will be the same and if increased priority is given to traffic traveling west on the A40, the time available to traffic leaving Churchdown will have to be reduced. The current queues from Pirton Corner could something we yearn for and this is before the many hundreds of planned houses are built around us.

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