Elmbridge Court Update

Drivers heading to Cheltenham now have three lanes when they approach what is one of the county’s busiest junctions from Churchdown.

These three lanes will merge into four on the “circulatory” of the roundabout which is hoped will increase traffic flow.

As of today traffic has switched back onto the A40 main carriageway (west bound) which will see a new central reservation created.

“We are continuing to make good progress on the roundabout and we’d like to thank all road users for their continued patience whilst we carry out this work.”

The county council is widening the roundabout from three lanes to four to ease congestion.

Drivers will now not be faced with a bumpy approach in the right-hand lane approaching the junction Gloucester-bound.

A spokesman for the council said: “The traffic was switched back onto the A40 main carriageway west-bound last Monday night so the traffic here is no longer running on that surface. The ‘bumpy’ area will now become the central reservation.”

The scheme aims to tackle the congestion hot spot on the A40 and in doing so reduce journey times between Cheltenham and Gloucester.

As part of the works a ‘hamburger’ through lane is being installed and the project is on schedule to be completed by September.

News By Gloucestershire Live