Churchdown Club Serious Assault – Statement

We are sorry to have to tell you that Gail, our manager was seriously assaulted on Saturday evening as she and the staff were trying to close the Club. The police were called at the time and the matter is now in their hands.

We will reopen on Friday from 6pm to 9pm and again on Saturday and Sunday between 12pm and 9pm. We ask that you are sensitive with the team – they are all understandably shaken. It goes without saying, that anyone behaving in an abusive manner or failing to comply with reasonable requests will be asked to leave immediately. We will call the police if necessary.

It is such a shame that a small, mindless group of people ruined what had been an amazing opening day up to that point. There were a lot of incidents across the county after this first opening following the lockdown. But we are not used to this type of thing at Churchdown Club and it is so sad that such an event could happen here – as a Committee, we are all gutted.

Gail will be off work for a while and I am sure you join the Committee in wishing her a speedy recovery. To those who already knew about this, thanks for your good wishes, which have been passed on to Gail.

The Committee at Churchdown Club