Churchdown cars raided by thieves

Thieves raided several cars in Churchdown overnight on June 27th.

Churchdown Online understands that cars were targeted in Moselle Drive, Pelham Crescent, Farrant Avenue, Cheltenham Road East & Parton Road.

Insp Steve Templeton said: “It appears as though this thief or thieves have simply walked along these roads and tried car doors.

Reports from users on social media suggest parked cars were targeted:

Nicki Warner commented on Facebook:
Heard about 2 cars being done over last night, both live near to Montys chip shop !! Police have been informed of both incidents. Keep your eyes peeled peeps

If your car has been broken into or you have information which may be of use please contact Gloucestershire Police on 101. If you’d like to share your stories with Churchdown Online then you can email them to

Preventing car theft

Car break-in’s are becoming increasingly common.

Bear in mind that criminals will choose an easy target. By following the steps below you can make it difficult for a criminal to raid your vehicle.

  • Close all windows and lock all doors and the boot, even if you only leave your car for a moment.
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended.
  • Where possible, park in a well-lit highly visible area, preferably off the road. At night, choose secure or well-lit car parks, with pedestrian traffic. Avoid leaving your vehicle in a car park for a long time.
  • Try to park the vehicle with the front facing an obstacle. Turn the wheels towards the kerb and lock the steering.
  • Always try to use all protection you have on the vehicle. Put all labels for protection devices in a visible place (do not display your GPS label)
  • These precautions should be taken even if your car is in your garage. Also close all access to the garage (entry barriers) and the garage door itself.
  • Never leave your keys with car park employees or in car wash services.
  • Never mark your keys with your name and address. Mark them with your business name and suburb or driver’s license number.
  • At your home, do not leave keys lying around on tables, desks or key hooks.
  • Remove registration papers from your motor vehicle, to make it difficult for the thief to sell it on the black market.