Announcing Our Partnership With MyChurchdown

We’re In Partnership With My Churchdown – Connecting The Village Together
 We’re excited to announce that we will be working in partnership with My Churchdown Your favourite local magazine.

What does the partnership entail ? The best parts from each (Churchdown Online & My Churchdown) will be pulled together to create and provide a more involved and polished service to the local community. With the media power and social involvement of us (Churchdown Online) and the readily available platform, reader base and popularity of the My Churchdown magazine, readers and viewers will have elements fro both available on the two platforms These elements will contain the most up to date news from the website being featured in the My Churchdown magazine, along with restaurant reviews and featured businesses.

Exclusive Content, Now Mutually Available. One thing which Churchdown Online provides to visitors is competitions, these involve chances to win git vouchers and various other prizes and also the chance to vote for local businesses and give recognition to the top voted and winning establishments.[/wptab] Future… What Does This Mean For The Future Of Both Enterprises? Both will continue to be run as they currently are, just, as said above, including pieces from each other’s content. One big advantage will be the sharing of advertising from both the magazine and online directories. Tradesman and services that are available from our online directory will be printed in the magazine and vice versa, doubling the availability of them to the public.

The overall goal for the future of this partnership is to create a more accessible and informative service for the area. With one branded organisation available both online and in print form, the number of people that we will be able to reach should increase dramatically. Also with the best bits from both being included in both, the product you will get should be extensively more beneficial.