An open letter to our councillor

Dear Councillor Jack Williams,

It has become obvious through recent opinions expressed on our social media, that residents of our village feel strongly about the issue of speeding through our village. Whilst the volume and urgency of traffic may have been made worse by the recent Elmbridge Court Roundabout work, residents clearly strongly feel speeding is still an issue.

Can we, as a community do anything about it?

We’re aware (from the minutes of the Parish Council Highways Committee in March, available on the PC website), two Speed Camera’s were purchased.

We note also you took the initiative to set up a Speeding Group which is great, has there been any progress, updates or meetings? Have the speed camera’s been used? Are we allowed to know any results? If you could update us on the plans and progress of this group?

Is it feasible and possible for village volunteers to use these cameras?

We’re aware of examples of community’s using cameras and providing information to the police to issue warning letters etc. Is it feasible / possible for MyChurchdown for example, to print and erect additional speed limit signs on signposts?

What else can we do?

What would we need to do to get a speed bump as you enter the village at Drews Court for example, like there is as you enter Hucclecote, the other end of Churchdown lane?

On behalf of residents, we look forward to hearing from our council.