465 new houses could be set for Churchdown

Churchdown could bulge in the coming years with 465 more houses set to be built in the village.

The 49 acre site, on Pirton Fields, will be located north the B4063 which leads into Churchdown from Elmbridge Court roundabout.

These plans take the total number of houses planned for the south Churchdown area up to 768, with 864 more due to be built in the Churchdown area according to the JCS.

There will be 265 houses built south of the A40, with 55 homes on another site nearby. There will also be 83 properties built to the south of the B4063.

In the design and access statement, developers Mactaggart and Mickel, said: “The site, which is located immediately to the south west of Innsworth presents an opportunity to provide up to 465 new dwellings, which would help to contribute to the three council’s housing requirement of 30,500 homes, 10,100 of which are to be within Tewkesbury Borough.

“The site is located on relatively flat land, gently sloping to the North West, with good connections and within easy access of local facilities.”

What will it mean for transport?

A junction would be created from the B4063 turning left into the new estate. This would be the only entrance to the site. An access for emergency vehicles would be in place from Parkside Drive but it would not be used for other vehicles. There would also be an additional bus stop put in on the B4063 with three pedestrian crossings in around 200 metres.

How will facilities be affected?

The proposed site will not include any further services apart from playing fields and children’s playgrounds.

The site will not have a health centre within a ten minute walk and just one pharmacy within the same distance.

How will schools be affected?


The developers of the site have not allocated any space for another school within the development.

Therefore, any new pupils that move into the site would have be catered for by existing schools. With Churchdown Infants School, Parton Manor, both Longlevens Infants and Junior School as well as both Innsworth Infants and Junior Schools among the nearest.

Any secondary school pupils that move into the area would have to go to another comprehensive in the site. Churchdown Academy, Chosen Hill School and Sir Thomas Rich’s would be the closest schools to this site.

How will shops and leisure facilities be impacted?

There is a large Tesco Extra store within a ten minute walk of the proposed development and two smaller stores within the same distance.

Residents in the area wouldn’t be spoilt for choice for an old fashioned ‘local’. In a ten minute walk there is just one pub, The Greyhound in Longlevens. However, there are several other public houses in Churchdown and Longlevens, but they are some distance away.

Within a five minute walk to the north of the site there is also a large area of sports pitches between Innsworth and Churchdown.

When will a decision be made?

Churchdown Parish Council will make their recommendation at a meeting on Tuesday, September 13.

Once their parish council have had their say, Tewkesbury Borough Council will make a final decision on whether the plans will be approved.

The next planning meeting for the borough council is Tuesday, September 27 but it is not yet known whether this site will be on the agenda.